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A proven family run vending service provider in the Miami-Dade area, we can take care of all your vending needs. 219 Ave Vending provides the highest quality of vending machines and vending services that your company deserves, our machines are always well stocked, clean, and fully operational. 219 Ave Vending provides traditional and healthy snacks, cold beverages, frozen food, and other products to a diverse clientele. Customer service is our number one priority; we strive to develop a customized service to our clients.

About Us

219 Ave Vending is your full-service vending company located in Miami, FL. We provide top-notch service to our clients throughout the Miami-Dade area. 219 Ave Vending is a locally owned family business that puts our client’s interest first.

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality and affordable vending solutions. We give your employees and customers the vending choices they want while saving money, increasing production, and keeping everyone happy. We also provide healthy snack and beverage options specifically designed for your location or type of business.


We provide a superior variety of your favorite brand name products, many of which will appeal to health-conscious consumers. We encourage special requests and accommodate our customers. Now your employees or customers will not have to leave the location for lunch or for a cold beverage.

219 Ave Vending has a host of benefits to offer, no matter the size of your business or organization we have something for everyone including employees, customers, faculty, students, visitors, members, congregants, or travelers.


219 Ave Vending carries a complete line of your favorite brand name snacks including chips, cookies, candies, gum, mints, breakfast items, and pastries. We also provide the top healthy snack selections that have less sugar, low sodium, and less fat.
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Our Favorite Snacks


Nacho Cheese

Oven Baked

Flamin Hot


Quench your thirst with cold refreshing beverages. Choose from our quality variety of brand name beverages. 219 Ave Vending also offers healthy beverage selections such as diet sodas, vitamin water, iced teas, and sports. Our clean, well maintained vending machines keep drinks ice cold and deliver products smoothly.

Fresh Food

For our locations that are qualified for food, 219 Ave Vending can provide your site with food machines that keep you stocked with delicious snacks and meals. We work with you to customize product selections to meet the needs of your facility. Now employees and customers do not have to leave your establishment to enjoy delicious sandwiches, fruits or salads, and ice cream. Great for evening or overnight shifts.


219 Ave Vending understands people today are asking for healthy snack, beverage, and food options. That is why we do our best to bring you a satisfying selection of delicious healthy options. Healthy snacks are a great option for students, employees, and customers. We carry a wide variety of healthy snacks including trail mixes, baked chips, fruit bars, granola bars, juices, and bottled water. Choose from alternative food products, beverages, chips, candy bars, and cookies that have reduced levels of fat, cholesterol, and sodium. We also offer a full variety of bottled waters, flavored waters, juices, teas, vitamin waters, diet sodas, and low-calorie sports drinks like propel and G2.

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Earn a $100 referral! Anyone who refers us to a friend is eligible to receive a $100 referral check. Just refer us to a friend; if your referral results in a new 219 Ave Vending location, you will receive a $100 check courtesy of 219 Ave Vending. How easy is that! All we need is a contact name, email address or phone number and we’ll do all the rest. Same company referrals do not apply.

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We constantly strive to bring you outstanding service that keeps your vending machines fully stocked and running smoothly. Please do not hesitate to contact us NOW for FREE, no-obligation consultation about how 219 Ave Vending can meet your vending demands.